What is Redirection? And How can you do it on DirectAdmin?

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In our last post, we explained how you can park a domain using DirectAdmin. In this post, we are going to explain another type of adding a domain alias which is Redirecting. You can set a redirection on any hosting control panel but let’s see how you can do it on DirectAdmin.

Why use Redirection?

Imagine you buy different domains but you want all of them to show one website. According to our last post, you would probably say we can park all of these domains on one domain. Well, that’s one way to do it. When you park a domain, if people type that domain on a browser, they’ll see your website with the domain they typed in the address bar. However, if you use redirection again they’ll see your website but the domain that you type in the address bar will change to the main domain of your website. So this option is useful for when you want everybody to see your main domain no matter what they type in the address bar.

You can also use redirection when you’ve had an old URL with some content and now you want that content to be shown with a new URL. For this matter again you can set a redirection so that people don’t see the old URL and only see the new one.

Redirecting an URL

How to set a Redirection?

Log in to the user-level of your DirectAdmin and go to the “Site Redirection”. You’ll see these options shown in the picture.

  • Local URL path: This option creates a directory in your DirectAdmin and you can a name for it and type it in the box.
  • Redirect Type: There are 3 options here:
  1. permanent-301: this option is for permanent redirection. You can use it if you want your URL to be redirected permanently.
  2. temporary-302: this option if for temporary redirection.
  3. replaced-303: this option is exactly the same as parking a domain. So the typed domain in the address bar stays the same while you can visit the website.

After choosing your redirection type, click Save. Your URL is redirected now!

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