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In our earlier post about IP regions, we explained shortly about ICANN. In this post, we are going to explain everything you need to know about this acronym. But first, we have to say what a domain is.

What is a Domain?

In the world of the Internet, every website has a unique identifier. These unique identifiers let us find the website that we are looking for. Because we have explained about IP before, you might have already figured out that these unique identifiers are IPs. But there are millions of websites in the world. How can we memorize all of these IPs? You are right! We can’t!

As a result of the explanation above, they made it easier for us by translating every website’s IP to a unique name. We call these unique names, a domain! Now you might ask, who does this translation? the answer is DNS. DNS is a system that one of its jobs is to translate website IPs to their unique name which is their domain. As an example: AiroServer.com is a Domain. This means that when you type in this domain to your browser, it shows only our website to you. This is because all domains are unique and no one else has this same domain. So, the first and the most important step of having a website is buying a domain for it. You can buy your domain from any domain registrar like us. However, how can you be sure that which domain is free to buy and which domain is already taken? This is when we need to explain to you about ICANN.

What is ICANN?

As we have said before in the IP region post, ICANN is in charge of managing IPs and their information all around the world. But that’s one of the things that ICANN does. This non-profit organization is also in charge of managing domains and their information. Every time a domain is registered by any domain registrar, all of the information of the domain owner goes to ICANN. So, when you want to buy a new domain, first you have to ask from ICANN to see if this domain is taken or not. You can do this activity on the domain registrar’s website like ours. ICANN doesn’t sell domains itself, it just controls and keeps records of all taken domains and IPs.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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