What is a Parked domain and how to park a domain on DirectAdmin?

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DirectAdmin is a hosting control panel that we have explained it fully in our earlier posts. In the dashboard of this control panel, there is a section called domain setup. One of the things you can do in this section is to add park domains. In this post, we are going to tell you how you can do this on DirectAdmin. But first, let’s see when we need this.

Why Park Domains?

Imagine you have a domain and a website is running on it. Now you go and buy other domains that are somehow similar to your domain(dictation, pronunciation, meaning, and etc.). You do this because you want people to come to your website even if they type in those similar domains. When you park these other domains on your main domains, when a person types in those domains on a browser, they’ll see your website. Let’s say that with an example: our main domain is Airoserver.com, we buy and park a similar domain like airoservers.com on this domain. When a person types in airoservers.com on the browser they’ll see our website with the name airoservers.com written in the address bar.

How to Park Domains

  • Go to your DirectAdmin and from the admin-level go to the show all users and log in as the user.
  • After logging in, go to the domain setup section.
Domain Setup
  • In this section, if you already parked a domain it will be shown in a table. There are some options like suspend over there but if you want to park a domain, click on the “Add another Domain”. Enter your domain and then you can choose how much bandwidth or space you’ll give this domain. You can also activate SSL or PHP access for your domain here. We should also mention that you shouldn’t use capital letters, https or www at the time of typing the name of the domain.
  • Click create and the Domain will be created.
Domain Setup

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