What is a Hosting Control Panel?

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In our earlier posts, we have mentioned hosting control panels a few times. But what is this hosting control panel that we are talking about?

What is it?

A web hosting control panel is an interface that is used to manage hosting services and all of your website’s files all in one place. So whenever you get a shared hosting service from a web hosting company like AiroServer.com, you’ll be provided with a hosting control panel.

What does a web hosting control panel do?

Some of the things that a web hosting control plan can provide you are:

  • Managing your shared hosting account
  • Viewing the server logs and reports
  • Traffic usage and hard disk usage management
  • Managing email accounts, email forwarders, sending and receiving emails, security setup and etc.
  • Managing databases
  • FTP account management
  • Managing website visitors reports and data
  • Managing web-based files using related Softwares
  • Creating subdomains for the main domain
  • Managing supporting programming languages
  • and etc.

Types of web hosting control panels:

Control panels can be open source and closed source. Open-source control panels are the ones that all of their source codes are available and editable. However, the source code for closed source control panels are encrypted and can not be edited by anyone other than the providing company.

Both of these types of control panels can be free or commercial. Free control panels are the ones that both of their licenses and the software itself are free. But, for commercial ones you need to pay monthly or annually to get their licenses.

Some of the most famous web hosting control panels:

Choosing a control panel depends on the type of your operating system. Control panels can be divided into 2 different groups: 1.the ones that work on Windows 2.the ones that work on Linux

Here are some of the most famous control panels for Linux and Windows:

  • Linux: Cpanel, Direct Admin, CWP, Plesk, Webmin
  • Windows: Plesk, MSP Control
Web hosting control panel
Web hosting Control panel

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