What are the benefits of using links? (External and Internal links)

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Links can do a very important job in SEO. We explained the importance of backlinks before. In this post, we are going to explain fully about external and internal links and their benefits.

What are the benefits of using links

What are the internal and external links?

An internal link connects your website pages together and makes it easier for your viewers to go to different pages of your websites. External links are links that refer to any other website pages that aren’t on your website. We have already said this much in the backlink post. We also said that when you use an external link on your website, that link is a backlink for the referring website. Now let’s say some of the benefits of using internal links.

Benefits of links

  • Improves the viewers’ experience: When your website has more than one page, it’s important to have internal links so that your viewers don’t get lost and can access all of your pages. There is a general rule which says that you should be able to go from one page to another with a maximum of three clicks.
  • SERP: links are mainly used for indexing website pages. When a page is indexed it gets shown on SERP (search engine result page). So we won’t most probably see pages that don’t include links, on SERP.
  • Link juice: When a website links to you, it gives you credit and shows their viewer and search engines that they trust your content. This makes search engines figure that you are a valuable website with trusted content which results in great SEO scores. However, the amount of credit that you get depends on the other website’s authority. You can check websites’ authority with the “Page Authority Analysis tool“.
  • Website’s Ranking: When a crawler scans your website, it turns your anchor texts and internal links into keywords. Anchor text is the blue clickable text that links you to another page. This is why you shouldn’t use texts like “click here” as your anchor text.

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