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Browser as a Service

Enjoy surfing the web with our safe browser

7.5 $

What is Browser as a Service?

VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure system provides an image of a central desktop to the users, which can be accessed remotely from desktop programs. in this service, we’ve limited the access of the VDI to the browser only, to turn it into an easy tool for web surfing purposes.

Now, with Browser as a service, put aside the limitations in terms of geography, speed, and security, and get a safe browser at a lower cost.

One of the main merits is the simplicity of using it. There is no specific application required and you just need a browser to use it. After your order verification, the service’s unique IP will be sent to you and that’s it. Enjoy the service!

For more explanations on how to use it, check the following link:

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browser as a service

Features of Baas


Easy to use

High speed


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my browser and IP private?

Yes, in this service, you will have your own exclusive IP.

Does Airoserver.com or other users have access to my browser data?

No other users will not have access to your information. Also, the internal data of the service is not checked by Airoserver.com for the privacy of users, and the password set by you is not stored in the database. In other words, if you change the initial password, you are the only one who knows it.

Is it possible to download this service?

Yes, it is possible to download content in this service, but due to the limited storage space, this is possible up to 1 GB.