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Last Update: 2024/06/26

Airoserver.com is an independent and private website, with the mission of providing a reliable cloud and webhosting infrastructure. Fulfilling this purpose, We have come up with the following set of agreements based on transparency and honesty. As a result, in line with trying to maintain these values, this service level agreement (SLA) has been set up to be a useful indicator for the formation of informed and effective communication despite the serious nature of the rules.

thank you in advance for carefully reading and knowingly agreeing to the service level agreement and terms of cooperation, and hope that this agreement will be a prelude to a long-term relationship and a professional and pleasant experience in cooperation with the Airoserver.com:

General Terms

Airoserver.com is a cloud infrastructure and web hosting provider. These services are always affected by numerous events and occurrences related to maintaining quality, security, cyber attacks, research and development, technical issues, communications, access and physical disturbances and etc. the mission of Airoserver.com is to build a stable infrastructure to provide reliable services for it’s clients. The service provision of this organization is defined in the service subscription sales model, and serving users means sharing these platforms with users. Therefore, despite the efforts of Airoserver.com to achieve the desired goals and fulfill the aforementioned mission; The conditions, changes, effects, disturbances or problems that occur in these platforms or services are considered part of the conditions and nature of these services and are subject to the consent of the parties of this cooperation.
The monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually billing cycles announced in the order registration process and other solutions are related to the service subscription period and do not mean exactly 30, 90, 180, or 365 days of provision or the possibility of practical use of the service, but the mentioned terms are criteria Determining the next due date, time and type of subscription fee of the services. It should be noted that, due to various reasons, including delay in paying the bill, non-immediate delivery, suspension of services, existence of technical or access problems, the practical time of using the service could be less than the days of the intended period.
Striving for the stability of services and creating reliable hosting platforms is the responsibility of Airoserver.com, and the matters related to the preparation of the backups and maintenance them in a safe and independent environment from the Airoserver.com network are the responsibilities of the clients. Therefore, in the event of a crisis, the agreement of service levels in cooperation will be such that the Airoserver.com will be responsible for restarting the hosting platforms as soon as possible so that the user can plan his crisis management, including restoring an up-to-date backup that it has already prepared and kept in a safe and independent environment from  Airoserver.com.
In order to protect the community of Airoserver.com, controlling the quality, stability and security of services; All management powers, changes, service restrictions and their details (including main services, technical specifications, service hosting location, data center change or facilities such as IP, etc.) belong to Airoserver.com.
The subscription details of  each service are provided through different ways such as website pages, order registration process, online chat, ticketing system and phone calls and may be for various reasons including technical, operational and security there is a need to make changes in the infrastructural and executive details.

User Account
من تب 1محتوا هستم. برای تغییر این متن روی دکمه ویرایش کلیک کنید. لورم ایپسوم متن ساختگی با تولید سادگی نامفهوم از صنعت چاپ و با استفاده از طراحان گرافیک است.
من تب 1محتوا هستم. برای تغییر این متن روی دکمه ویرایش کلیک کنید. لورم ایپسوم متن ساختگی با تولید سادگی نامفهوم از صنعت چاپ و با استفاده از طراحان گرافیک است.
من تب 1محتوا هستم. برای تغییر این متن روی دکمه ویرایش کلیک کنید. لورم ایپسوم متن ساختگی با تولید سادگی نامفهوم از صنعت چاپ و با استفاده از طراحان گرافیک است.
من تب 1محتوا هستم. برای تغییر این متن روی دکمه ویرایش کلیک کنید. لورم ایپسوم متن ساختگی با تولید سادگی نامفهوم از صنعت چاپ و با استفاده از طراحان گرافیک است.
Legal & Copyright
من تب 1محتوا هستم. برای تغییر این متن روی دکمه ویرایش کلیک کنید. لورم ایپسوم متن ساختگی با تولید سادگی نامفهوم از صنعت چاپ و با استفاده از طراحان گرافیک است.
من تب 1محتوا هستم. برای تغییر این متن روی دکمه ویرایش کلیک کنید. لورم ایپسوم متن ساختگی با تولید سادگی نامفهوم از صنعت چاپ و با استفاده از طراحان گرافیک است.

1. General Terms

1-1. copratingTo start using AiroServer Services you need to register an account. When you do this, you must provide us with complete and accurate contact information.  If any of your information changes during the Term, you should update it in the Account or notify us about it.

1-2. All the clients of AiroServer.com will be asked for authentication verification at different sequences.Therefore, cooperating through all of this process will be required and In case of not being able to provide the requested documents, AiroServer does not take any responsibilities regarding keeping or delivering services.

1-3. Your email or Username cannot be from a private webmail. It should be from one of the well-known webmail providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This helps to reduce the faults in case contacting via email is needed.

1-4. You should verify your email, phone number, or any other of your contacting information using one of the provided ways. Else, we are afraid that you can not have access to any of your services.

1-5. Notifications are sent via one of the contact ways that you have provided. In case any of your contact information is not accurate or you do not have access to it, we are not liable to notify you or provide you services through other contacting ways.

1-6. All of the features and conditions of the services will be the same as when you register and in case any changes happen, AiroServer will notify you via one of your contact information.

1-7. In the whole duration of sending a ticket and receiving replies, both ends should stay respectful, or else, the other end has all the right to stop replying.

How long does delivering the server take?

Cloud Servers benefit from instant delivery. the process of creating the server begins as soon as you complete the order and not long after you will receive an email, containing the required info to access your service.

Is it possible to upgrade the resources of my existing plan?
Yes. you can upgrade your current plan to any higher plan, at any time you want.
during the upgrade, your data and IP will remain intact.
Please note that to implement the upgrade, the server needs to be rebooted.
What Operating Systems are available as the server's OS?

Cloud servers could have both Windows server and Linux distributions as their OS.

The OS can be selected during the ordering process. it is also possible to change the OS from Windows server to the desired distribution of Linux and vice versa, any time you want.

These are the common operating systems that come with the servers:

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Windows Server

Please note that due to a lack of the required resources for Windows servers, the first two plans come only with Linux distributions.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. we provide a no-quibble 7-day money-back guarantee on any hosting fees.

Please note that Fees such as Domain registration or add-ons like cPanel are non-refundable.

2. Privacy and Policy

2-1. One of the main goals of AiroServer.com is to provide a safe and secure platform for web hosting. Therefore, any misuse of our services such as phishing, Security attacks, or anything that harms the internet and security rules is forbidden and the client is legally responsible for this matter.

2-2. Using the Services of AiroServer.com for hosting, sharing, or transferring any data that is against the Internet rules is forbidden and the client is legally responsible for this matter.

2-3. Following CopyRights is an obligation for all services and in case of any infringement, the client is fully responsible for all the consequences.

2-4. AiroServer.com is responsible for keeping all clients’ personal information confidential and related content safe.

2-5. The client is responsible for keeping their login information(for Client area and web hosting services), received emails, etc. confidential and for not sharing them with anybody else.

2-6. All the people who are mentioned as contacts in your client area are officially considered as owners. Therefore the client is responsible for any requests such as support requests or any changes in account information. So, you must only add people as contacts to your account that you completely trust.

2-7. We will take care of the security of your privacy and the content that you are hosting. However, taking care of the security related to your website design, codes, and their implementation and their consequences, according to the accessing rules, is your responsibility.

2-8. Clients of AiroServer.com are not permitted to sell, rent, … any of their purchased services to any other third person. In case of happening, AiroServer.com can suspend or terminate their services with no advance notice or refund.

2-9. Clients of web hosting services must make sure of the security and authentication of data before uploading them. Else, In case of receiving any reports such as detecting any unsecured file or any other harmful files, from installed software installed on servers, data center notification, copyright infringement, etc. AiroServer.com can suspend or terminate services without being liable to provide backup, to refund or to restore data.

2-10. In case the client can not access their account information for any reason, AiroServer.com can only provide reaccessing ways if the client can give documentation or information that is reliable to AiroServer.com. Also, if the legal owner of the services passes away, unless the new owner provides official documentation, official will or power of attorney,  AiroServer.com does not have any responsibility regarding delivering services to the new owner.

3. Domain Registration, Renewal, Transfer

3-1. Domain registration terms are completely according to the terms of international domain registrars and ICANN.

3-2. According to the terms of domain ownership authentication, Provide us with accurate information about the domain owner and admin/billing/tech contacts. Also, in case of any changes in the information, updating them is an obligation, or else, the client is fully responsible for it.

3-3. If the client registers a domain the domain ownership will be taken away from them for any legal reasons such as misuse, Copyright infringements, or unfinished authentication process, etc. AiroServer.com does not take any responsibility regarding this matter.

3-4. According to the international terms of domain registration, If the domain registrars take the domain’s ownership away from the domain owner for any reason since it is out of AiroServer.com’s responsibility, the domain will be released without advance notice and refund.

3-5. Transferring a domain from other domain registrars to AiroServer.com happens according to the previous registrar and might need the owner’s or Admin/billing/contact’s approval. In this case, the transferring process must be approved by the related authorities to start happening. The finish time of the transfer process depends on the transfer and the domain type.

3-6. In case any client wants to transfer their domain from AiroServer.com to another registrar, the sent link from the new registrar will only be approved if our experts receive written approval from the current owner of the domain via the client area. Otherwise, due to the security of all the registered domains on AiroServer.com, we can not approve the transfer.

3-7. The client must renew the domain before the domain expiry date or else the domain is going to expire and the client is responsible for it.

3-8. In case the client does not renew the domain before the expiry date and during the expiration period (which is a given time as a chance to renew the expired domain), according to the international terms of domain registration, the domain will go into the grace period which means the domain is locked and it can be renewed with extra money as fine.

3-9. Domains go through the “Expired” period for 45 days after the expiry date. During this period the client can renew the domain with the same amount of renewal cost. After this 45 days, it will go through the “Grace” period which is for 30 days. During this period the renewal is possible but the client must pay 5 or 6 times more than the renewal price as fine. The next period is the “Pending for deletion” period. During this period the domain is completely deactivated and locked and it is not possible to renew it. After these 5 days, the domain will be released and available to the public to be registered. This whole duration until a taken domain goes through all of these periods and becomes available to the public, takes 80 days.

3-10. In case the payment of a domain invoice does not take place before the due date, according to the international terms of domain registers, the domain’s ownership will be taken away from them and the domain will expire and then be available after a while.

3-11. According to the terms of domain registers, during the first days after domain registration or transfer to AiroServer.com (normally 60 days), domain renewal by another domain registrar and transferring it to another registrar is not possible.

3-12. If the client changes any of the domain contacts (admin/billing/tech), AiroServer.com can not take any responsibility regarding legal affairs or domain management.

4. Value-added Services

4-1. The taken backup by AiroServer.com is completely according to the quality and quantity that were mentioned at the time of purchase or in the email notifications and only the last version of the backup is going to be kept. Therefore if the client asks for a backup from other times than the last taken backup, it is not possible for AiroServer.com.

4-2. According to the mentioned terms on the purchasing page or in the email notifications, if the client asks AiroServer.com to get backups from the services, a backup will be taken on planned timings. However, because of the limits and specified conditions such as the probability of overusing disk space, monthly traffic, RAM, CPU, database, etc., and also because this process happens automatically, the backup might be unsuccessful. Therefore, the client must get backups of their data frequently and keep them in a separate and secure space.

4-3. By default, all free services shown on the website before check-out will be counted as value-added features. However, if any third-party authorities charge us for extra costs for the related services, we will inform and ask users about this matter.

4-4. Getting backups from services that have passed their expiry due date or their disk space or other hardware usage has passed their limit, is not possible and those services do not include the auto backup feature anymore.

4-5. In case of not asking for special value-added features of each specific service (e.g.: Server management, optimization, backup,…), the client is fully responsible for the management and getting backup of their data.

4-6. All of the gifts from the client club, Discount codes, special or occasional offers, etc. are all value-added services of AiroServer.com So, AiroServer.com can cancel or edit them depending on the conditions at any time and does not take any responsibilities regarding keeping the previous system.

4-7. The client club points and discount codes are dedicated to specific and predefined services of the sales department and do not include other services like a dedicated plan.

4-8. If the client club gifts, discount codes, and special offers get added to the client’s account as credits, It will not be refundable in cash and can be only used for ordering or renewal of AiroServer.com’s services.

4-9. All Value-added services, gifts, discount codes, special offers, and terms of AiroServer.com are adjusted and presented to simplify service delivery and to pay tribute to our clients. Therefore, if any person abuses the mentioned services in any way, AiroServer.com can cancel the offers and services that were given to that person and has not taken any responsibility ever since.

5. Server Management

5-1. Managing services like AiroServers, Dedicated servers, etc. is the client’s responsibility by default and support services of servers only include the primary setup and installation of the operating system and server and everything else is the client’s responsibility.

5-2. By default, only the things related to the server’s infrastructure, Hardware resources, network, and server bandwidth are included in the support services of servers, and other items will be considered in the service quality in case of purchasing server management service.

5-3. If a client receives a dedicated or cloud server and then uses a virtualizer to create virtual machines on that server, supporting those virtual machines is the client’s responsibility.

5-4. Backup services are independent of server management services so even in the case of receiving

 server management services, if the server’s data gets destroyed or removed for any reason such as change in clients, system errors, etc., AiroServer.com does not take any responsibilities regarding keeping the server’s data or restoring them.

5-5. The client must always have backups of the last changes in files and their database according to the other terms, to prevent the happening of future faults, reinstallation, reconfiguration, etc. The backup should be kept somewhere other than the server that the backup was taken off.

6. Reseller and affiliate

6-1. Support services and solving resellers’ issues are the resellers’ responsibility and AiroServer.com does not take any direct responsibility for providing support for resellers’ clients.

6-2. Maintaining fundamental frameworks such as honesty, client satisfaction, GDPR, Privacy Policy, etc. is required for all regarded resellers.

6-3. Resellers are responsible for renewing their account at least till the due date of the services that they have sold to their clients and in case of needing an upgrade for delivering those services, they should upgrade their reseller account.

6-4. Domain resellers are in charge of renewing their accounts as long as their clients are receiving services from them and they must always have enough credits on their account for auto ordering of their clients.

6-5. The reseller is responsible for the consequences of any order that has been sent to AiroServer.com intentionally or unintentionally from you through the web hosting or domain reseller modules of WHMCS or other contacting ways, and AiroServer.com does not have any responsibilities regarding this matter.

6-6. Protecting the privacy of the reseller’s clients is the reseller’s responsibility and the reseller is fully responsible for all the future consequences of this matter.

6-7. All of the mentioned terms for clients such as General terms, and … are also true for the resellers.

6-8. The examination of items related to affiliates is based on the automation affiliate system. Therefore, setting an affiliate manually for an order that is not known automatically (due to clearing cookies or not using the unique affiliate URL) is not possible.

6-9. Duration, quality, and quantity of affiliate services are according to the mentioned terms of the website, the client area, and email notifications, and the manual changes or … are not valid.

6-10. The affiliate’s commission only includes services that are notified via one of the official contact ways of AiroServer.com and other services that no notifications have been sent about them are not included.

6-11. All of the invited clients must log into the site and register via the dedicated affiliate link and then they will be included in AiroServer’s terms just like direct clients.

6-12. Affiliate only includes the first payment of each order and other payments related to renewal of the service are not included.

6-13. Affiliate only includes web hosting services (dedicated service, AiroServers or VPS, Host, SSL certificate) and commissions will not be given for ordering or transferring a domain.

7. Billing and Payment

7-1. The invoice for any provided services by AiroServer.com is generated online, shown in the client area and a notification email will be sent via one of the contacting ways to the client. The client is responsible for paying the invoice before the invoice due date.

7-2. If the payment of an invoice for any of the services takes place from one of the payment ways, paying the invoice constitutes recording the receipt and the tracking code accurately and final approval of the invoice payment.

7-3. If the payment of the invoice does not take place before its due date, AiroServer.com is only responsible for keeping the data according to the emails, and not paying the invoice before the due date constitutes the client’s approval for removing all the data related to that service.

7-4. All of the mentioned prices in the order process or invoices are based on the time and date of the order and the renewal price might vary depending on the economic conditions.

7-5. The prices related to special offers, occasional discount codes, etc. will be calculated according to the mentioned conditions of that offer or discount code and if they are generated only for the primary order, the renewal fee or … will be calculated according to the original prices.

7-6. The duration of services such as monthly, 3 months, trimester, semiannual, annual, etc. is calculated according to a specific time and date by the automation system. Therefore, for some reasons like the difference between several days in a month, the auto service termination system’s timing, etc. the accessible time of the service might be a little less than the duration you paid for at the time of ordering. The client has been informed about this matter before ordering.

7-7. According to the notices, after increasing the account balance it will not be refundable.

8. Refund Policy

8-1. According to this term, AiroServer.com is liable to give the client a complete refund within 7 days after invoice payment.

8-2. The refund policy only includes services (shared hosting, VPS,…) that this feature was mentioned at the time of ordering them.

8-3. The Refund happens according to the client’s preferences. This means that AiroServer.com can deposit the amount into the client’s bank account or their user account on AiroServer.com.

8-4. The Domain registration services, SSL certificate issuance (except the ones that the feature is mentioned for them), additional IP, control panel license, dedicated servers, and other services that cause AiroServer.com to pay nonrefundable amounts to provide them, are not included in the refund policy.

8-5. At the time of requesting a refund, the client is liable to give accurate bank account information. If the client gives a different bank account information than the ones they used for the payment, AiroServer.com can withhold the refund to prevent future legal problems from happening. In case of refunding, AiroServer.com does not take any responsibility regarding this matter.

8-6. If a person somehow abuses the refund policy, the legal department of AiroServer.com can take care of this matter.

9. Special uses of Email marketing, Game server, and Upload center

9-1.The provided web hosting services of AiroServer.com (shared hosting, VPS, AiroServer, dedicated server are only delivered for hosting services such as websites, web applications, shopping/corporation/organization portals, etc. Therefore, using these services for purposes like email marketing, game server, or upload center without informing AiroServer.com or if that service was not delivered for these usages, is illegal.

9-2. For usages like email marketing, game server, upload center, or etc. that are not the common usages of web hosting services, the client is liable to inform experts of AiroServer.com in advance about this matter. Not doing so constitutes an infringement of the agreement terms.

10. Buy and Sell Domain

10-1. If either one of the buying or selling parties, attempts to do the deal without AiroServer.com’s partnership, all of AiroServer.com’s responsibilities will be taken away and given to the parties of the transaction.

10-2. Both parties are liable to give accurate information that is needed to do the process.

10-3. At least, 5 percent of the domain’s sale price belongs to AiroServer.com as the third party of this deal.

10-4. The buyer must pay the amount that was informed by AiroServer.com, at the specified time to AiroServer.com’s bank account as a deposit and the seller must change the ownership of the domain at the informed time.

10-5. The seller can not change the price after the price has been announced to the buyer or else the transaction will be canceled.

10-6. After the payment and the start of the partnership process, refunding the paid amount or returning the domain ownership to the buyer is not possible at all.

11. Force majeure, Disclaimers, etc.

11-1. All of the provided services of AiroServer.com are delivered for hosting services such as websites, web applications, shopping/corporation/organization portals, etc. So, using them for any illegal purposes or special usages like email marketing, game server, or upload center is forbidden and in case of needing any special usages, the client must inform AiroServe.com’s experts about it before the official ordering in a written form.

11-2. Special terms of each service that are mentioned on the client area and AiroServer.com are also included in this agreement.

11-3. AiroServer.com does not have any responsibilities regarding unexpected incidents such as conflicts in prerequisite systems or natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, fires, etc. that cause interruptions in delivering services. Therefore, the client must get frequent backups of their data and keep them on a local system to be able to use them if necessary.

11-4. If any changes happen in the terms, this page will be updated and the client must check this page frequently and at the time of renewal to make sure that they agree to all of these terms.

11-5. The ownership, management, and rights of all hardware or software platforms and the value-added services of AiroServer.com such as dedicated IP to shared hosting, dedicated server, or VPS entirely belong to AiroServer.com and AiroServer.com tries its best to keep the stability of these services. However, in necessary situations, AiroServer.com can change or replace the mentioned items such as the dedicated IP.

11-6 Infringing any of the mentioned terms in this agreement or on the other parts of the website or the client area constitutes the disclaimer of service providing, sending notices, and behaving according to any of these terms for AiroServer.com. Also, if a client infringes any of these terms or does not cooperate with AiroServer.com’s expert in following these terms, AiroServer.com can terminate or suspend the services until the problem is resolved.

11-7. In case of any discrepancy or problems in any of these terms, dear clients can resolve it with the legal department of AiroServer.com by sending a ticket from their client area.

11-8. For usages like email marketing, game servers, upload centers, etc. that are not the common usages of web hosting services, the client is liable to inform experts of AiroServer.com in advance about this matter. Not doing so constitutes an infringement of the agreement terms.