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In our post about different Linux web servers, we talked about Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed. In this post, we are going to compare the Nginx and LiteSpeed Web server specifically.

Both of these web servers have free and premium versions. So there is not much of a difference in their cost. Mostly, LiteSpeed is compared with Apache but it has lots of similarities with Nginx so this comparison is much more useful.

LiteSpeed vs Nginx

LiteSpeed can read all the Apache files like mod_rewrite, mod_security but Nginx can’t do the same. Also one of the biggest weak points of Nginx is that it can’t read .htacess file.

LiteSpeed web server and Apache can be controlled by control panels like DirectAdmin, cPanel and Plesk. But Nginx isn’t like that.

Now let’s say some of the good features of Nginx. The best thing about Nginx is that it can handle a high number of visits. So this is a very popular web server for websites with lots of views.

Fortunately, both Nginx and LiteSpeed use ModSecurity rules and protect server from multiple attacks. So they have a similar function in the security subjects.

There are lots of other amazing features about Nginx which we talked about them in the post about Nginx before.

In the end, we can’t obviously tell you which web server is the best for everyone. Each website has its own needs and you need to carefully compare and consider each web server’s features and choose the one that matches your needs the best. One thing we can suggest is that if you are starting a website, Apache is most probably the best option for you. You can always switch to LiteSpeed web server later. However, switching from Apache to Nginx is a bit tricky and hard.

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