What is a Brute Force attack?

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In our last post, we explained some ways that could help you have a safer WordPress Website. We mentioned that although WordPress is easy and very flexible to use, it can be a good target for different attacks. One of the most common attacks for all types of websites is the Brute Force attack. So this attack is not just for WordPress and can happen anywhere that needs login. In this post, we are going to explain more about the Brute Force attack.

What is a Brute Force attack?

As we said in the paragraph above, the Brute Force attack is one of the most common attacks that happen in the IT world. This attack happens when a hacker tries to get your login details. The attackers send a large number of usernames and passwords to the login page of a website, webmail or etc to finally find the correct username and password. So by doing this, the attackers try lots and lots of possible passphrases until they get it right.

What is Brute Force attack?

Attackers perform the Brute Force attack in so many different ways. But the most common way is called “Dictionary-based”. For this attack, the attackers have a long list of all common passwords or the old passwords that they’ve found during their previous attacks. Then they try all of those passwords to finally guess the correct passphrase.

How to stay safe from Brute Force Attack?

The answer to this question is simple: A Strong Password

If you want to stay as safe as possible from Brute Force attacks, you need to have a really strong password. To create a strong password, you need to choose lowercase letters, uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers altogether and make it as unpredictable as possible. The password length should always be more than 8 characters and make sure to not use predictable passwords like your birth date, phone number, or etc.

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