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In our earlier post about ICANN, we have explained what a domain is. In this post, we are going to explain what are TLD and SLD.

So basically a domain is the name which you type in on your browser to see a specific website. Domains consist of 3 main parts: for example, www.AiroServer.com has 3 parts: www, AiroServer, and .com. The first part which is the www can be omitted. It means that even if you only write airoserver.com on your browser, it will show you our site. Now let’s see what are the other two parts.


TLD stands for Top-level Domain and it is the part that we write on the right side of the last dot in our domain. SLD stands for Second-level domain and it is the part that we write on the left side of the last dot in our domain.


According to the explanation above, in our example, AiroServer is SLD and .com is our TLD. Some SLDs show us the type of that domain and what it is used for. For example, you might have seen an SLD like .ac.com before. .ac is used for academic institutes so when you see a domain like example.ac.com, you understand that this domain is for an academic institute.

Types of TLDs:

Each TLD has a special meaning and we have different types of it.

GTLD: this stands for Generic TLD. All TLDs that are included in this group are used for general usages. Here are some examples:

  • .net: for organizations involved in networking technologies.
  • .org: generally used for non-profit websites.
  • .gov: restricted to the united states government agencies
  • .com: This is generally for all kinds of websites.
  • and etc.

CCTLD: this stands for “Country Code TLD”. These TLDs show the country that this domain is used for. Here are some examples:

  • .co: Colombia
  • .it: Italy
  • .us: United States
  • and etc.

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