How to activate Manage Team in cPanel

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In this article, we are going to check the installation and activation of the new cPanel under the title of Manage Team in the WHM panel, and also check the creation of sub-accounts in cPanel.

Using this feature, we can create different accounts to access different parts of our host and limit their access.

For example, we give FTP access to a user, and when connecting to the host, only items related to FTP accounts are shown and set in the panel.

Activate Manage Team in WHM

To activate Manage Team in the first step, you need to use WHM version 112 or higher.

Then enter the Feature Manager section and edit the default Feature List.
Manage Team

Check the checkbox for this feature and save the declared settings.
Feature Manager

Settings in cPanels host

After applying these changes, the Manage Team option will be visible on the left side of your cPanel hosting panels.

By clicking on this option, you will enter the user interface of this plugin.

You can define different roles for each user in the list box.

Variety of roles

Admin: This role includes access to database, email and web roles.

Database: This role provides access to tools related to database management.

Email: This role provides access to email management tools.

Web: This role provides access to tools related to website functionality.

In the Notes box, you can optionally add notes about the new user.

Click Services, and then select any services you want the new user to have access to:

Email: You can enable or disable email access for the user.

FTP: You can enable or disable FTP access for the user.

Web Disk: You can enable or disable user access to Web Disk.

Suspend the team user to prevent a user from accessing their account, the team owner can suspend the team. Warning: Suspension will prevent that user from accessing anything from within the cPanel interface. You cannot change a team user’s password. Suspended users account towards the maximum account allowed for team management.

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