What services can be considered as a cloud service?

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We have already explained everything about cloud services: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. Now we are going see why we should choose these services.

Generally, these services help companies only focus on their goals and not the requirements. These requirements can be the infrastructure, hardware, storage, software or etc. (we have fully explained about them in our earlier posts.) You might say that there are already some companies that offer software or hardware as a service. So, why should we choose cloud services over them?

In cloud services, there are different nodes that each is responsible for different matters:

  1. Storage: It takes care of storing and its related processes.
  2. Compute: It is responsible for computing processes.
  3. Network: It’s in charge of taking care of the network.
  4. Controller: This node controls all the other nodes.

You can have all of these nodes on one server or on separated ones. For example, storage and compute nodes can be on one server and the other two on another one. This division of responsibility improves performance and this is one of the most important pros of these services. We have already talked about other advantages of using cloud services throughout these posts. However, let’s mention them again here all in one place:

Advantages of using cloud services

Why choose cloud services?
  • Increase you go: If you are starting your company or your company keeps getting bigger and bigger, You will constantly need to increase your resources. For example, you are going to need more storage, new software, better hardware, or etc. If you want to provide the resources yourself, you should waste the money and the time to buy them yourself and set them up. When you use services like IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, you can increase resources whenever you want and the provider just provides them for you sooner and mostly cheaper.
  • Pay as you go: instead of paying for everything, just pay for the amount of each resource that you are using.
  • Security: Don’t worry about data loss anymore. Your data will be stored on the cloud. So you can access your data no matter what.
  • Better access: you can access or control your data anywhere you are.

So these services are efficient in so many ways and for so many companies. However, there are also some companies that prefer having everything locally for different reasons. One of these reasons is that they want 100% control over everything. We have mentioned some other disadvantages of cloud services in the “What is PaaS?” post.

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