What is a Server?

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In this post, we are going to simply explain what a Server is. Technically speaking, in the world of IT, a Server can be a computer or a computer program that provides a special service for other computers. The computers that receive this service are called “Clients”.

It can be a normal PC that has Server programs on it. Also, there is another kind of Server that looks completely different. This Hardware is a type of computer and We put it in a rack in a data center.

Servers in Racks

Server Types:

There are different ways of categorizing servers and one of them is by their usages.

By their usages:

One way of categorizing them is by their usages and the kind of services they provide. Here are some examples:

  1. File server: This is used for file sharing. It means that all the needed files in a network are located on it and every user on that network can have access to these files. You can set different access levels for each user.
  2. Database Server: This is mainly used in organizations.It contains the database of a specific service or software that all users are using on their computers. So, we have all of our data in one place.
  3. Application Server: It is kind of the same as no.2 but the only difference is that in this kind, you don’t have to install the program on every user’s computer. The program is on the Application server and everyone can use it.
  4. Game Server: This is a kind of Application server but only used for games. The game is installed on a Game server and all users on that network can access the game and play. So now you might kind of figure how an online multiplayer game works.
  5. Print: All the printers on a network are on this and users can access their required printer there.
  6. Media: This kind is for when it has a video, Audio or any kind of media file is on it and users can access it from there.
  7. Communication: as it’s clear by its name, each user that connects to this, is an endpoint and is able to communicate with other users by sending texts and etc.
  8. Computing: When our computer’s processor is not enough for a specific process, we can connect to it to use its processors.
  9. Web server: This is used for web hosting and in our earlier posts we have explained completely about it.
  10. Proxy Server: This can help you as a middle man and we’ve explained about this in our earlier posts.
  11. Mail: This kind has webmail services on it and you use it for sending and receiving emails.
Mail server

Another way of categorizing is according to web hosting services. We have fully explained this in the “different types of servers in web hosting” post.

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