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When a customer searches for services or goods online, they expect the search engine to show them the nearest shops or providers. On the other hand, brick and mortar businesses want the searchers near them to see their website as a result. The solution to this situation is Local SEO.

Local Keywords research

Keywords help a lot in SEO so they also help in local SEO. When you want to optimize your website for search engines, you should use the keywords that are related to your content, services, or etc. For local SEO you should also use keywords that show the location of your business. For example, the simplest keyword is the name of the city or the country you are at. Using the city/country name in your content helps a lot with local SEO.

Find the best keywords

One of the best ways of finding keywords is using WebCEO’s Keyword Suggestion tool. This helps you find your local and general keywords. To find local keywords, you should choose your location in the location setting and then it will show you a list of keywords that are being used locally. You can also check the ranking of each keyword with this tool.

Mobile Optimization

Nowadays people mostly use their mobile phones to surf the Internet. This is why optimizing your website for mobiles and making it mobile-friendly is absolutely important in SEO. You can analyze your website with WebCEO’s Mobile Optimization tool to see how mobile-friendly it is and edit it if necessary.


NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number and it is used for your business’s authorization on the Internet. These three should be the same in all of your website posts or else you’ll confuse your users and the search engines. Search engines work with NAP so NAP can help you a lot with local SEO.

Google My Business

This is a tool for businesses and it can help them add their business information to Google Maps, Google+, and etc.

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