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Just like any other search engine, Google wants to show its users the best websites. We have already explained in our earlier posts that if you want your website to be on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) you should care about SEO. One of the important things for SEO is your website’s content. Google can distinguish between good content and a bad or copied one. What you put on your website is completely up to you but if you care about your website’s SEO score, you should consider these.

Things to consider in content creation

Things to consider for content creation
  • Usefulness: Whatever you are writing about, make it useful and precise. Put yourself in your users’ shoes and see if your post can answer all the questions they might ask.
  • Real and Up-to-date: Giving fake and unreal information might temporarily bring your views but eventually it’s gonna destroy your score.
  • Visual Attraction: The images and the way you write and present the content matters a lot. If you want to keep your viewers, have good visual attractions.
  • Good format: make sure you don’t have any mistakes. (Dictation, grammar, and etc.)
  • Original content: Google knows when you copy your content. If you copy from other websites, Google Panda (one of Google’s algorithms) will decrease your website views.
  • User-friendly: Your website should give the viewer a good experience. So make sure it has good UI, UX and is responsive.
  • Keywords: Using good and correct keywords in the content.
  • SEO tools: There are some tools and plugins like Yoast SEO that can help you know the SEO score of your posts.
  • Text length: Your posts on the blog page should contain more than 300 words. Don’t make your posts to short or too long.

Going for more details can also be a benefit for you. Don’t just explain general subjects and leave out more details about them. For example, Operating System is a general subject. However, installing an operating system like Linux is one of the more detailed subjects related to the general subject. We should also mention that it is better if there is a relation between the subjects of your posts. These are all some of the things that help search engines find your content useful.

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