What is Email Forwarder and how to set it on cPanel?

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One of the things you can do on hosting control panels is managing your webmail. So with the hosting control panels, you can create Emails dedicated to your webmail and manage them individually. However, it is always easier for us to check all of our emails at once and not to have to log into different webmails and check them separately. If you want to receive all of your mails in one place ( for example in your Gmail inbox ), you should set an Email forwarder.

What is Email Forwarder?

What is Email forwarder?

If you are using dedicated webmail and dedicated emails like the ones we wrote on our contact us page, you might wish there was a way you could receive all of your emails in one inbox (like your Gmail inbox). The good news is that there is! For every email that you create on your dedicated email, you can set a forwarder. Let’s explain this with an example. imagine we have an email like example@airoserver.com. Now I want to receive all of this email’s mails in my Gmail’s inbox so I can easily check them. For this to happen, I should set an email forwarder for the example@airoserver.com.

How do we set an email forwarder?

You can set a forwarder using your hosting control panel. In this post, we are going to show you how you can do this on cPanel. However, the process is kind of the same in all control panels.

Email forwarder on cPanel
  1. Use your Domain name to log into your control panel.
  2. In the Email tab, click on “Forwarders”.
  3. In the managing section, choose the domain you’ve created email accounts for.
  4. After choosing the domain, click on “Add Forwarder”.
  5. In the Destination box, type in the email you want your emails to be forwarded to.
  6. Click on “Add Forwarder” and it’s done!

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