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Web Server

What is Web Server?

In simple words, Web server is a service or a feature that a server can serve to you. If you want to have a website on your server that you want the world to be able to visit it, you MUST have a web server on that server.

How can we access the web server?

As we said earlier, Web server is located on any server that has the files of a website. In order to tell you what it does, first you have to know how you can access it.

When you open a browser and type in the domain of the website that you want to visit (for example:, the browser is going to look for the server that has the files of the requested domain. How does it find the server? Well, each server has its own unique IP and each domain is pointing to an IP. There is a service called DNS that can translate the domain to its IP address, so after this process your browser finds the server that this domain is located on it.

What is a web server?

What does it do?

Now that you have reached the targeted server, the web server is in charge of receiving requests from browsers and answering them with the needed file of the requested website page. In another word, you requested for a specific page, the webserver searches the server for all of the needed data of that page (frontend codes) and gives them to you so you can visit the requested page.

What does a web server do?

Different kinds of webserver:

We can categorize web servers differently. One of the most common ways of it, is to categorize them as Linux and Windows ones. The most famous ones for Linux is Apache or LiteSpeed and for Windows it’s IIS (aka Internet Information Service) .

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