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As we’ve mentioned multiple times before, WordPress is one of the most commonly used Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. And that’s why we started this series of posts and we’ve been giving you lots of useful information about WordPress. After all of those posts now you may wonder what are the things you need to do immediately after installing WordPress. So, we ‘re gonna tell you the things you need to do right after WordPress installation on your host.

1. General Settings

In our post about WP settings, We explained all parts of WP settings and the things you can do with them. But the most important part is the General settings. One thing you need to do after installing WordPress is to log in to the dashboard and add the necessary information about the website, set the timezone and etc. If you want to know how you need to do these, read our post about General Settings.

2. Delete Unwanted things (Samples and Themes)

After installing WordPress, there’ll be some samples that come with WP by default. For example, when you log in for the first time, you’ll see a “Hello World” post that is a sample as your first post. However, these themes and samples are useless and you better get rid of them. To remove all sample posts, hover on posts from your menu and click on the “All posts” option. Now select all the sample files and move them to trash.

Another thing you need to remove is the default theme. To show that your website is unique and special, you need to change the theme to something other than the default one. To do this, hover on “Appearance” and choose “Themes”. Now delete the default theme.

In our next post, we’ll tell other steps and things that you need to do after installing WordPress.

Hope you enjoyed this post if you did, you can visit our blog for more!

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