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Warning! Starting to read this article will reduce the cost of buying a virtual server or other IP change solutions.Starting to read this article means starting your work with a Baas.

If you want to reduce the costs incurred for the provision of a virtual server and the removal of IP restrictions, then stay with us to introduce this new and widely used product to you.Baas

If you are tired of facing these images, Baas will solve your problem.

Browser as a Service (Baas)

What is a Baas?

Note: This is a safe search engine.

Yes, it is exactly a search engine. A powerful and fast browser that removes the restrictions related to your IP.

It has probably happened to you that you needed a foreign IP or, in some cases, an Iranian IP to access websites or services. One of the solutions in these situations is to buy a VPS. A virtual server is a good solution, but if your user is limited to using a browser, this option may not be the best choice due to its cost.

Another solution is to use an anti-sanction service. The thing that may become a big problem in this server is its shared IP. Also, in this case, you will experience a lower speed than the virtual server. Also, there is no guarantee of IP stability in this service. Baas service is another option that you can use in this situation. This service is a type of Browser as a Service and the accesses of a browser are provided to the user. In fact, after purchasing this service, entering its link, and entering the password, you will see a Firefox browser on your page. In the secure browser, you will have your fixed IP and you will pay a much lower fee than the virtual server.


Baas application:

Baas service is suitable for people who use the web. This service is provided from France. Examples of external service applications include activities on sites and services that have banned Iran’s IP. With this service, due to its fixed IP, you won’t have any problems even on sites that are sensitive to authentication.

How to use Baas?

Using Bass is very simple. To use this product, you just need to enter your unique IP address along with the port you receive in the email after purchasing the service in your browser. In the next step, you enter your password and that’s it! Now the browser is in front of you!

You are now in a secure cloud location for browsing.


Congratulations, you are using Baas.

By using Baas, experience our cloud solution to cross borders and geographic restrictions and enjoy quality and technology.

We are at your service so that you can experience the boundless sky of safe search with us as light as the clouds and the speed of the wind.

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