What is a backlink? What are Good and Bad backlinks?

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One of the main concerns of SEO experts is having backlinks. In this post, we are going to explain what is a backlink and how it can help us improve our website’s ranking.

What is a Backlink?

What is backlink?

In simple words, Backlink is a link from a website to another one. Let’s tell you the difference between the word “outbound link” and “backlink”. Basically, when a website mentions your name on their posts and links them to your website, that’s a backlink for you and an outbound link for them. An outbound link is exactly the opposite of an internal link and it includes any external link that refers to a page that is out of your website. The same link that we just mentioned is a backlink for the website that we are referring to.

Google cares a lot about backlinks. So, Having a lot of good backlinks can help you a lot with your website’s SEO. When other websites link to you, it shows google that those websites count your content as a trustworthy one.

What is a good backlink?

You might think that the more websites link to you, the better. However, the number of these links isn’t the most important thing. It is important which website you are getting backlinks from. The best ones are the ones that come from websites that have higher rankings than you and have similar content. So having a few backlinks from powerful websites are always better than have lots of them from random websites with lower rankings. These links must come from trusted websites and not from spam ones or the ones that use a lot of outbound links. If a website gets SEO scores just buy having links from websites that their IP is known as spam or they don’t create trusted content, they’ll eventually get penalized.

All in all, GOOD backlinks are really important for SEO so get the best ones. Google algorithms change all the time so make sure your content is always up to date and trustworthy so that you don’t lose your ranking.

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