SEO Techniques (White Hat and Black Hat)

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In our last post, we explained about SEO and mentioned that there are two main techniques for it. These two main SEO techniques are White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. In this post, we are going to explain them.

White Hat SEO

This SEO technique has these advantages:

  • Compatible with search engine instructions.
  • The content that the spider gathers is the same as what the user sees on the browser.
  • There are no tricks in it.
  • It guarantees that the content of pages was prepared for the users and not just for search engines.
  • According to the last advantage, we can know that if a website is using the white hat SEO technique, it is giving us useful content.

Black Hat SEO

Here are the features of this SEO technique:

  • This is not compatible with search engine instructions.
  • Cloaking: The content that the website gives to the spider is not the same as what users see on the browser.
  • Hiding lots of phrases on the website by writing them with the background color. These phrases are not related to the website but are the phrases that users mostly search them on the Internet.
  • Meta tag stuffing: Repeating a lot of keywords in metatags and using words that are not related to the website.
  • Keyword stuffing: Using a large number of keywords in the content and meta tags. This is because you want to drive more traffic to your website and increase your page’s ranking artificially.
  • Doorway or gateway page: Creating pages with poor quality and poor content but writing a lot of keywords for it.
White hat SEO vs Black hat SEO

As a result, we can say that using the White Hat SEO is the best option and highly recommended. Because the search engines are very smart and can figure out your technique in no time. Although using black hat SEO can give you more and faster results in a short time, it ruins your brand and reputation when the search engines catch you. So better safe than sorry right? At least the result you’ll get with the white hat SEO is trusted and you won’t lose it in a blink of an eye like you might with the black hat SEO technique.

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