Xeon vs. Core i processors

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One of the most important parts of your computer is the processor. Intel is the most famous company that produces different kinds of processors. In this article we are going to compare 2 kinds of them which are Xeon and Core i.

Mostly, Personal computers have one of the core i series which you might know them as core i5, i7, i9. However, Xeon is used for servers and workstations.

The differences:

Firstly, Xeon processors have better energy efficiency. It means that they produce less heat comparing to their efficiency and performance.

Secondly, in equal situations, they have less system crash and computer freezing.

Finally, we have to tell you that Xeon and Core are based on the same architecture but Xeon has some additional and advanced features that cause the mentioned differences. Here are some of those features:

Xeon’s Features:

  • QPI (The Intel Quickpath Interconnect) on motherboards that have dual socket for processors.: this increases the scalability and bandwidth available.
  • Intel Direct IO and Integrated IO technologies: They Increase the processor’s efficiency.
  • Supporting more cache space: This increases the speed and performance.
  • ECC memory (Error Correction Code): This is used in most computers where data corruption cannot be tolerated under any circumstances and it maintains a memory system immune to errors.
  • More memory slots
  • Supporting up to 12TB of RAM.

All of these and other features like more registers and etc. makes Xeon a better processor for servers, workstations, data centers and mainframes.

All in all, we can’t tell you which processor is better than the other one. Each of these processors were designed for specific users. In these kind of situations, It’s better that you decide on what’s the usage of this computer and how you are going to use it and then choose the best CPU that matches your need.

Here in AiroServer.com, We use the most up-to-date and the most powerful kind of Xeon processor for all of our virtual private servers. We also offer dedicated servers with Xeon processors. For more information about these you can contact our support team.

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