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Previously, we have explained fully about what a server is, different servers in web hosting and other related things like the control panels, SSL and etc. In the posts about different control panels, we kept talking about Linux or Windows hosts. In this post, we are going to talk about the differences between Linux host and Windows host.

Linux host vs. Windows Host

Windows Servers

As you know, the first step of having a successful website is having a good domain. We will explain how you can choose a good domain, in a future post.

After choosing a domain, now you need to choose your hosting service. If you have a website for personal use or for a small business, this means you don’t need that much space and resources. So, shared hosting can be a perfect solution for you. The first things you’ll see at the time of buying a shared hosting plan are: Linux host, Windows host, cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and etc. As we’ve mentioned before, some control panels work on Linux, some work on Windows and some work on both.

  • cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin,..: These are hosting control panels that we’ve explained each of them fully before.

Choosing the control panel depends on what OS has been installed on the server. So, if you need a specific control panel, you need to buy a hosting plan that can support the control panel for you. For example, if you specifically want cPanel as your control panel, you need to buy a Linux server because cPanel only works on Linux. We should mention that the OS that we install on servers are not the same as the ones you install on PC. There are special distributions of Linux and Windows just to be installed on servers. Another thing to mention is that there are other operating systems that you can install on servers but Linux and Windows are the most common and professional ones.

Linux Servers or Windows Servers?

If you are using a CMS like وردپرس, Joomla, DNN and etc, you can check their website to see what services they can run on. You can also ask your developer about the service the website needs. As we mentioned, your website’s programming language is really important. For example, PHP works on both Linux and Windows hosts. But it has more features and options on Linux so you better have it on a Linux host.

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