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In our last two posts, we introduced some of the most useful plugins that you can use in your وردپرس site. Each plugin has its own benefits and usage. Some plugins are used for security, some for caching or creating backups and etc. According to your website’s content, you need to choose the best and safest plugins to manage your websites. But remember! it’s also bad to have too many plugins because some plugins may have conflicts and result in crashing your website. In this post, we’re going to introduce a social media plugin for your website.

You can always add any social media logo to any part of your website and link them to those specific pages using codes. However, there is an easier way to do this and that is by using a social media plugin. This type of plugins help you link your website to your social media without using codes. There are lots of different options for you but we chose only one of them to introduce to you.

WP Canvas – Shortcodes

WP Canvas-Shortcodes

The plugin that we want to introduce is the WP Canvas – Shortcodes. To install this plugin, you need to login to the WP dashboard and from the menu go to the plugins tab. Now click on add new and on the search bar type in the name of the plugin. Install the plugin and then go back to the plugin tab to activate the plugin. And then you can enter the settings of that plugin to customize it.

When you enter the settings for the WP Canvas – Shortcodes, you’ll see all the social media icons. Check the ones that you want them to be shown on your website. At the bottom of the same page find the ones that you’ve checked and enter the direct link for the related social media accounts. Last but not least, you need to choose where you want those icons. Go to the website customization section and choose the header or footer to add the icons there.

From now on, visitors can easily visit your social media accounts.

Hope you enjoyed this post if you did, you can visit our blog for more!

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