How did the experts come up with Cloud Hosting idea?

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In our earlier post we have explained about 3 kinds of web hosting services. These kinds are “Dedicated Server“, “VPS” and “Shared Hosting“. Now we are going to explain about a new technology which is “Cloud hosting”.

In order to explain about cloud hosting technology, we explain shortly that what happed that made experts to come up with this idea.

The problems with other web hosting services

Here are some of the problems that you might have with the first three services that we have explained before:

Benefits of cloud hosting

Imagine you have a VPS but you need more resources (CPu,RAM,…). According to our earlier posts you might think that the best solution for this is to buy a dedicated server. But, this may cost lot of money when all you need was just another core or just some more hard disk space. This is when you wish there were a service in which you could upgrade your resources and pay for the amount that you are using.

the second problem is about backup and data loss. Redundancy means having data in 2 places at the same time so that you get data from the other one if one has problems. This option can be a bit weak in other servers. This is because server uses options like RAID (Redundant Array Independant Disks) which has its own problems and errors. It is also not safe to have the backup on the same server. because if something happens to your server, you can’t even use your backup. Also, servers need down time for backup migration because they mostly do not have the Live migration option.

Another problem is that the existing security problems in servers, have difficult or expensive solutions. So, the client might not be able to take care of their server’s security on their own. Wouldn’t it be better if there was a service that had some default security solutions?

All of these problems and more made experts to think about a new technology. This technology is “cloud hosting”.

Now we know how the cloud hosting idea was created. In our future posts we are going to explain everything about it.

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