Dedicated Servers

this line of Products provides you with the access to a whole bare-metal server. relying on our experience and expertise, you can build the infrastructure of your business on these powerful servers and enjoy a great sence of satisfaction in terms of both quality and price.

Server with exclusive resources

"No Noisy Neighbor"’s dedicated servers can be provided to users from inside and outside the country using up-to-date and powerful hardware equipment. In these services, the exclusivity of server resources removes the impact of the service from other users and leads to the improvement of its security, processing power and uptime. In addition to the possibility of complete customization according to the user’s needs, dedicated servers have features such as the following:

Dedicated servers

Make the best choice by checking the plans and getting advice from the sales team

External dedicated servers are offered with a fixed dedicated IP, unlimited traffic and use of modern equipment and technologies from the most reliable data centers in Europe.

Dedicated server features

Powerful processing power

Dedicated servers provide users with high processing power by using powerful and exclusive hardware.

High bandwidth

Exclusive bandwidth along with unlimited traffic provides a unique experience in terms of information transfer.

Resource customization

Dedicated servers, it is possible to fully customize the service according to the user's needs, through communication with the sales unit

Dedicated resources

In these services, exclusive use of resources leads to maximum server capacity and improves its security and uptime. ​


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How long does delivering the server take?

Cloud Servers benefits instant delivery. the process of creating the server begins as soon as you complete the order and not long after you will receive an email, contains the required info to access your service.

Is it possible to upgrade the resources of my existing plan?
Yes. you can upgrade your current plan to any higher plan, any time you want.
during the upgrade your data and IP will remain intact.
Please note that in order to implementing the upgrade, server needs to be rebooted.
What Operating Systems are available as the server's OS?

Cloud servers could have both windows server and linux distributions as their OS.

The OS can be selected during the ordering process. it is also possible to change the OS from windows server to the desired distribution of linux and vice versa, any time you want.

These are the common operating systems that come with the servers:

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Windows Server

Please note that due to lack of the required resources for windows server, the first two plans come only with linux distributions.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. we provide a no quibble 7-day money back guarantee on any hosting fees.

Please note that, Fees such as Domain registration or addons like cPanel are non-refundable.

What Data Center hosts the servers used in cloud server services? is partner with different data centers around the globe.

Currently the servers of our cloud hosting services are hosting by OVH in France.